Recent Updates

Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Hundreds of  people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are under a court order to leave by Wednesday. Activists began their protest last august in a bid to halt the 3.8 Billion dollar pipeline that will carry oil from North Dakota through South Dakota and Iowa to Illinois. Work on the last major section of the pipeline began this month following the army corps of engineers permission to lay pipe under a reservoir near the Missouri river. The protests have been led by Native American tribes whose reservations are downstream from the construction site. They say the pipeline threatens drinking water and cultural sites. The camp has been the site of numerous clashes between police and protesters with more than 700 arrests being made. The camp’s population has dwindled as the pipeline battle has moved into the courts. Protesters who remain say they’re prepared to be arrested, but will remain peaceful.


Scott Pruitt Confirmed as Head of Environmental Protection Agency

Scott Pruitt was officially confirmed to become the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA last week. This cabinet addition did not come without uproar from the democratic opposition as Pruitt is most well known for his actions of suing the EPA under the Obama administration. After his induction speech it was made clear that he is planning on a lot of changes for the organization and this has many of the long time employees of the EPA worried not only for their jobs but the future of the organization.


John Deere and Iowa State

They say nothing rides like a Deere and the relationship with John Deere and Iowa State University just got even closer. The company that has had a mainstay in the university for years just released it will open a strategic technology office within the university. This is in hopes to grow the company’s presence on campus and to recognize the university’s world-class research, education and talent development. The office will allow many Iowa State students to participate in work along with the company while still in undergrad and graduate programs.