Recent Updates

Subway Working Towards Antibiotic Free Sandwiches

All Subway restaurants plan to be antibiotic­free in the United States by 2025. Subway states that although they have always done their best to notify customers of nutrition values, selling a rotisserie­style chicken sandwich will be their next move. This chicken will not be artificially flavored or colored. Subway also plans to continue to inform customers of salt warnings. Accordingly to recent ruling, failure to inform customers in salt warnings may result in a fine of $600.


Des Moines Git­N­Go Robbery

Around 8:30 AM yesterday morning, Git­N­Go in local Des Moines, IA was robbed. According to police, the suspect appeared to be a minor, although his face was covered by a bandana. The suspect, gun in hand, ordered the cashier to put the cash registers money in his bag, then ordered the cashier to turn around and face the wall as he made his escape. $70 was stolen from the register. As of today, the suspect has not been identified.


Girl Scouts Sell Cookies at the Oscars

Sunday night’s, Oscars featured a sweet treat part way through the event. Famous actor, Chris Rock, wasn’t shy about his goal to help his daughters sell their Girl Scout Cookies. A little convincing did the trick as celebrities in the audience offered up their money to buy several boxes of these famous cookies. At the end of the night, a whopping 65 thousand dollars had been gathered and exchanged for these delicious cookies.