Campustown Shooting

Early Sunday morning, a drive-by shooting took place just after 1:30 p.m. in the 200 block of  Welch Avenue. The police were called to investigate the fight of two groups just up the street on Chamberlain Street and Stanton Avenue. Shortly the after, a red car drove by and fired shots into a crowd of people. Police fired their guns at a red car from where they say the shots were being fired, that caused the red car to back up, hit a different vehicle and then drive away. Authorities due believe the fight on Stanton and Chamberlain were related to this shooting.

The three people that were shot were taken to Mary Greeley hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Hours later, the Fort Dodge police found the red car and the four men were arrested and charged with attempted murder. The four men. Terrion Maxfield, Desmon Sinder, Charles Smith, and Traveion Henry are all from Milwaukee and p0lice are still investigating the motive of the shooting.

The shooting in still under investigation.

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