President Trump launches air strikes in Syria; first military attack of his presidency

President Donald Trump announced earlier the United States had launched 60 Tomahawk missiles in Syria in retaliation for the gas attacks on civilians that occurred Tuesday.

“It is in this vital national security of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons,” Trump said in a live statement.

Trump went on in his statement to accuse Syrian president Bashar al-Assad of using banned weapons and violating international conventions. “We ask for God’s wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world,” he said.

This airstrike marks the first military attack of Donald Trump’s presidency. Many news outlets, including ABC News and TIME magazine, are reporting that Trump forewarned Russia of the missile launches. However, it is unclear if Russia will back the U.S. on the attack.

In the past, Trump has been critical of the Obama administration in dealing with the Syrian government and the ongoing civil war. In 2013, he tweeted out a plea to “not attack Syria” for “many very bad things will happen.”

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EDIT 4/6/17 11:40 p.m. CT: The governor of Homs reports that the attacks were targeted at an air base in the city. There have been confirmed deaths but no information on how many or if they are civilians.

EDIT 4/7/17 1:30 a.m. CT: The Associated Press reports the Kremlin has denounced the air strike, calling it an “aggression against sovereign state in violation of international law.”

EDIT 4/7/17 8:24 a.m. CT: Russian military officials have offerrerd to help Syria build up their military following U.S. air strikes. al-Assad’s office calls the attacks “reckless, irresponsible behavior.” The death toll currently includes nine civilians, of which four are children, and six soldiers, according to multiple sources. The Kremlin believes Russian soldiers may also be impacted by the attack and says it may hurt U.S./Russian relations.

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