ISUtv is comprised of many student volunteers who organize, write, film, and produce news and shows. A full staff directory and contact information available on request.

Executive Board 2016-2017


General Manager, President:

 Andreas Haffar – Senior, Journalism and International Studies

Not Pictured

Executive Producer/Editorial Supervisor: 

Maria Lisignoli – Senior, Journalism and Psychology

IMG_5637News Director: 

Jared Calvert - Senior, Journalism and Agricultural Business

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Entertainment Director: 

Laurel Feakes – Senior, Journalism and English

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Tyler Tweeten – Senior, Finance and Management


Recruitment/Social Media Team: 

BriAna Campbell – Senior, Journalism, Communications, and Political Science 

Annie Harmon – Junior, Journalism and Religion


On-Air Executive and Sports Director: 

Taylor Mankle – Senior, Journalism, Leadership Studies, and Native American Studies



Megan Moran – Senior, Journalism  and Women and Gender Studies


Managing Online Editor:

Amanda Meyer-Senior, English

IMG_5720Photography Director:

Josh Lamberty-Freshman, Journalism  and Leadership Studies

Not Pictured

Creative Director:

Tisa Tollenaar-Senior, Journalism and World Film Studies

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Faculty Adviser:

Raluca Cozma

About the Author

ISUtv is produced by students with an interest in broadcast journalism at Iowa State University