Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISUtv?

ISUtv is Iowa State University’s student-run television station. It’s led by a popularly elected general manager and executive board. and students from different majors and areas of campus participate in producing and creating shows every week.

Where can you watch ISUtv?

ISUtv airs reruns on Mediacom 18 and live shows here. Our entire catalog of shows, special features and individual packages are on our website.


What can ISUtv do for you?

Experience. ISUtv is entirely student run; that means everything–from anchoring to VOSOTS–gets done by students. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in journalism, ISUtv will give you the skills and portfolio you need to go out and get top-tier internships.

What if you’re not a journalism major?

Irrelevant. You don’t have to be a journalism major to join ISUtv. If you think making TV sounds like your cup of tea, come on out!

What equipment does ISUtv use?

ISUtv uses the Greenlee Studio in 171 Hamilton Hall. The studio is brand new, with brand new graphics generators and a modular chromakey. ISUtv also maintains a dedicated, four-computer editing suite in Communications.

Want to learn more?

Awesome. Send your questions to and one of our exec board members will get back to you ASAP.

Why is ISUtv’s URL so ridiculously long?

Due to ISU policy, the station cannot use a short, convenient web address. It states that all recognized student organizations must host their web space within the domain. To visit this site often, we’d recommend the following methods:

  • Save the site as a bookmark
  • Go to and click on ‘I’ then ‘ISUtv
  • Search for “ISUtv” in a search engine

About the Author

ISUtv is produced by students with an interest in broadcast journalism at Iowa State University